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Nikola Tesla's own writings for the world to know


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Tesla present to speak. I was born in Yugoslavia in the area known as Lika, which is today located in Croatia near the border of Bosnia. My hour of birth was midnight between July 9th and 10th, 1856. My birthday has always been observed on the tenth. My parents are Serbian. My father’s name was Milutin Tesla and my mother was Georgina (Djuka) Mandic. He was a parish priest who gave his children—two boys and three girls in all—daily lessons to strengthen our memory and reason. My mother, though she lacked any formal education, memorized the musical Serbian poetry and always recited it to her children. I must confess, any inventiveness I possess I trace to her, an inventor in her own right. Perhaps my father being a distinguished clergyman and writer and poet himself, the spiritual influence of the “Man Of Justice” (as he signed his articles) undoubtedly came from him. This is to prove that I was just as human as you are now, with the same beginnings. I decided to focus my energies on developing and making practical the ideas that constantly swam through my mind. Since this is not an autobiography, I will not go into any more details about my childhood or how I grew up. The purpose of this lesson is to lay a basic foundation of how mankind can, and does, possess technology that seems like science fiction and magic, yet it existed back before the turn of the last century, in the 1880s. Also I will point out the same big banking interests and families from my day, whose heirs control my perfected inventions today. It is this technology and technology brought to earth by non-human visitors from outer space that is secretly being used by the Jewish bankers, Hitler’s UFO Battalion and the Christian element in Russia to fool the people of the world in one gigantic show-and-tell.

Just like you are experiencing today, I too had to deal with those ones who call themselves “Jews” (who are not) and their continuing plan to dominate this planet.  Our knowledge in my day of this secret cult of moneychangers was not as well known as it is today, but still “The Jewish question”, as it was called, was definitely there. The problem seems to be a lack of moral base when it comes to allowing Christians, Muslims or any non-Jewish people to prosper. The greedy Jewish financier always had to take the inventions that made life better for the man in the street and hide them away, then later pull out whatever it is in secret to manipulate the masses of people to rob their pocketbooks still further.

It is unimaginable to me why these few individuals all think in the same pattern. This process of secretly gaining
control of masses has been going on for so long that they now literally make up the leadership of all the major
countries of the world—certainly control them. It is true that all the past and PRESENT wars are set up and structured by this elite bunch of men.  To them, people exist only for the purpose of exploitation—exactly like that of cattle, but on an unimaginable scale. From this side of the “veil” of experiencing “reality”, it is painfully apparent just how far man can go in making his brother a true slave.

Never before in the history of a planet has it been taken to such an incredible scale. The words Lucifer, Satan,
Armageddon and Hell have real and truthful meaning if only you people could see things from this side. Then I guess that is what I am efforting to do now: describe to you what I SEE. Since I had a hand in bringing this era to the human race, I now have a voice in telling you what is going wrong and just who your enemy is. And I am telling you—by name—he is the one who holds your mortgage and tries to get you to borrow more and more, knowing in advance that it is an impossibility that it can be repaid. So the mortgage holder, the bank, ends up taking your property. But the hardest part for me to watch is that he is taking everything with money that does not exist! The Jewish system of “money changing” is in actuality “money”-creating out of thin air.

It is like buying toy Monopoly money—Fiat Funny money fits real good here—and then buying your farm with however much it takes, and then throwing you and your family out into the street! Worse yet, you accept it and treat the phony money like real money.  From where I now sit, this seems to be the biggest hoax of God’s Creation. This one “gag” on humanity brings down nation after nation and is responsible for the deaths and killing of millions upon millions of people annually since you have been keeping tallies.

This must be what is meant when the New Testament says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” With the misery and DEATH pretend money causes in human hands, I can think of nothing more vile— except perhaps that it appears to culminate in the total breaking apart of the physical planet itself.  This truly shows the degradation of the human being: to allow the greed of “perceived” wealth to kill the God Spirit in him and destroy the very place God gave man in which to experience LIFE.

If mankind does not have SPIRIT enough to awaken from this self-destructive nightmare—there is nothing else to call it—then his destiny is to destroy himself.  And then maybe God can start again and He can create a new species of man who will be more deserving. Is that what you want? Why not show God that you ARE worthy of THIS experience and that you care about the preciousness of life given in His Image?  After all, is this not what the Father had in mind for us in the journey in the first place?  As humans we’ve manifested enough “death”; let us manifest the spirit of God in our actions and behavior, and then maybe we will finally get it right. For surely EARTH was meant to be more than just a place for misery, suffering and death.  I shall stand aside in that you rest and commune with God. I am in great appreciation, Jonur. I am pleased to be working again with my colleagues.

Nikola to stand-by.


Nikola to resume discussion. Greetings, Jonur, and thank you for receiving this transmission. As you get used to the frequency shift of the different speakers, the adjustment will flow more smoothly, but you are doing fine.

I believe I left off on the identifying of the Jewish bankers and financiers who have taken control of the planet, and also Mars, the Moon and Venus (its orbital space). Americans spend a great majority of their time watching television, a system “invented” by me, as given to me from the “invisible” realms. Used properly, the “box” with “the window on the world” would be one of the greatest tools ever for the betterment of the culture of mankind. But like all things that have fallen into the hands of the evil bankers, it is used only to further enslave the man on the street.

There are some readily useable images that “TV” can still get across and school the masses of people like a giant classroom. And teaching and news dissemination were two important reasons I had for TV’s use in the first place.  Anyway, the bankers who are represented in human society have three basic portrayals. Two are familiar, but the third is almost never seen. On the American TV comedy in the 1960s was one called “The Beverly Hillbillies”. And in it was the banker Milburn Drysdale who was, in a comical way, money crazy. He counted every penny, was a clock-watcher for his employees and was forever cooking up schemes to keep his clients’ All of his social graces (or lack of them) were attributed to doing what it took to keep people on the show “happy” so they would not move their money out of his bank. This is, at its core, a very accurate description of the Jewish banker’s emotional makeup.  Nothing—not his wife, his secretary, even fellow bankers—mattered to him more than what was in his vault, and he would do anything, short of murder, to keep it full.

Enter the second familiar portrayal. This one comes from the cinema, so you can watch it on a digital video disk or see it on television this Sunday on Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. on one of the broadcasting networks. It is called, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, my favorite movie from your era, and it contains both other banker personalities. The evil, old miserly moneylender, pushed around in his wheelchair, is the epitome of everything one can conjure up of someone who cares only about profits. He will kick families out into the cold, lend at unGodly usury (interest) quiet little town into a wild, shoot ‘em up “Sodom and Gomorrah”, with brothels on every corner advertised in blazing neon lights.

Without the humor of Mr. Drysdale, this financier has no soul. It is evident in his constantly grimaced expression and his eternally pessimistic outlook on life. His view of humanity is that of an ungrateful lot that is to be kicked around and talked down to. There is nothing too vile to wish upon them—man, woman or child. This man represents, believe it or not, a mildly evil banker from your world. In reality they are far more evil and greedy than he; however, now you have a starting point. From here, this is where you begin as I paint this vivid portrait for you—picture this “Saint” and work your way down in your imagination. And when you think you have reached “Hell”, keep right on going.

The third portrayal, which is almost never seen, is represented by the actor Jimmy Stewart’s character.  This “Savings And Loan” person (I hesitate to use the word “banker” for him) took over his father’s business reluctantly after his death and tried everything to get out of doing it. But when something falls to you and you are destined by divine intervention, sooner or later you are going to have to accept your responsibility and do what must be done.  So we as the audience are taken along on Stewart’s journey of self (soul)-realization. You are taken into two worlds at the same time, much the way things are really experienced, though the concept escapes most ones’ notice and perception. All you have to do is raise your awareness of that which is around you and you will “notice” all sorts of things that were invisible to you before.

Even though the main character in the play (be it a fictional cinema or the cinema of your life experience) has to go up against the evil that is purposely set against him, he is able to overcome all the obstacles and ultimately turn the negative experiences into good. The material and emotional treasures he gained far outweighed anything the evil banker could set against him. And in holding on and succeeding, not only did Stewart “save” his town and all his friends and neighbors, but he uplifted the spiritual consciousness of their souls as well. This is what is meant by “being a LIGHT unto the world”. And it is a most excellent example for you to follow.

We all create our own reality in the three-dimensional, physical world of compressed matter. Even though I am not currently experiencing “physically” with you, I am nevertheless sharing growth on that dimension, for I again will incarnate if I choose, but it is still part of my life stream because, even though you do not “see” me—like the guardian angel who walked on earth with Stewart—I am still ethericly part of that world. Invisible matter is still around you even if your eyes do not quite perceive it. That is why when photographs are taken, “ghosts” are captured in the exposure when no one was present. Raise your vibratory frequency (awareness) and you can perceive a lot more than wandering spirits.

The adversary is comprised of these bankers, whom I will name momentarily, that understand all of this.  That is why they have secret “orders”, fraternities, intelligence cults and SYNAGOGUES—to keep everyone else from finding out.  If members tell, their own brothers murder them. This is the game of games to them, and they play for keeps. Because they realize that, if you ones come into understanding of all this, you can write them out of YOUR play.

And since the evil ones are parasitic in nature, they feed (parasites, vampires, leeches and the like) off of others in order to survive. But in the case of the Jewish bankers, they take and take and take until they kill the very host, not ever realizing that in doing so, they kill themselves in the process. As cunning and crafty as they are, it never dawns on them to leave you anything. They always want it all. This is what greed is in its purest form and why the laws of God AND the Laws of The Creation are against it.

Jonur, it is late, and I would like to begin fresh with the identities of the evil incarnate beings that have brought the world to the brink of ruin. Go get your rest, and we will begin straight away on the morrow.  I am in great appreciation; thank you.

Nikola to clear frequency

Tesla present to pick up where we left off. The Jewish bankers and financiers from my day, the 1800s to the mid 1900s, are the same families and individuals who are causing the troubles in your world TODAY. Only now they have consolidated their power and are totally integrated within the SECRET SERVICES of America, Israel and Great Britain.  They use the “official” cover of National Security to hide all their dirty deeds—THAT ARE CRIMINAL IN EVERY WAY!

The organized crime element has the control of all your political parties and has naught to do with helping the citizens of any nations. They pay only small lip service to pretending to care about the populations of people. You are a mere thorn in their side, that’s all, and their daily conferences about voter issues are never addressed. What is really discussed is how to keep you under control until your population is decimated. It is truly a heinous situation. All the while your genocide is being plotted and systematically carried out, the fa├žade is of a loving, caring ruling class that wants to “better” your standard of living. When in actuality, by taking all the wondrous inventions and closing down your industries, the very ability for you to sustain yourselves is being stripped away.

And if you think there is no “new” technology out there, here is a for instance to start with. Lotus just unveiled an electric sports car called “The Tesla”. Its motor is silent and it outruns and out sleeks in design the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. It travels 250 miles per charge and comes right out of your Silicon Valley in California. So just imagine what else is perfected that is not allowed to interfere with oil revenues and other profit-making industries the Jewish banking families control?

Russia kicked British Petroleum (BP) out of their country as they attempted to take control of Kremlin oil interests there. What is not known by the rest of the world is that Russia has vast untapped quantities of oil AND GOLD that far surpass that of even Africa.  Russia’s advantage in being able to say “no” is due to their secret fleet of Cosmosphere “space shuttles”. If they do not get what they want, they know how to use their “spheres of influence”, as they refer to those craft, to get world leaders to quickly change their minds.

FACES AND NAMES: THE LUCIFERIANS  The Jewish banking cartel shies completely away from the media—Publicity Is Bad For Business. There are only three-hundred people, thirteen families and only five individuals running the whole show. So if the six and a half or so billion of you find out who the bad guys are who are trying to kill you, those five people and their kinfolk would be in trouble. With the exception of Elizabeth II, queen of the British Israelites (and as she believes, planet Earth), and a couple of others, the Club Of Rome keeps a very low profile. [But see article on pages 17-18.]

We will start with those from my time of physical sojourn with you in 1800s. When my inventions came on the world stage, even the elite cartels did not believe that I could do what I claimed. If taken and used properly, my apparatuses provide unlimited power (electricity) beamed to anyone, anyplace around the entire planet. No different than dialing in your favorite radio station, a person with my little “black box” could have free, clean power at their fingertips. By the way, radio and all its component parts were invented by me.  Italian mafia front man, Marchese Guglielmo Marconi, along with these banker thieves stole the credit for radio from me.

These men later took, without giving me credit, a number of other patents and ideas from me from devices I had already constructed. Thomas A. Edison, chief among them in his little evil circle, contrived all the remainder of his life to deprive me of my proper credits and to minimize—if not completely erase—my efforts in the field of electrical engineering.

Also John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, whose son J.P. Morgan, Jr., was responsible, at the behest of his father, for the poisoning of my physical body, just as your previous Pope was poisoned. For many centuries in your history records, you will find that this method of gaining power, property and wealth was frequently employed by the ancient, as well as modern Jews of Khazar lineage. Morgan held fifty-one percent of my radio patents as security for loans on these government projects for the security and advancement of America.  And since he and his Rockefeller partners owned secretly the U.S. government, they made sure the people did not benefit from my inventions.

The main people involved in the enslavement of this planet and the usurping of my fantastic inventions given to
mankind are as follows: Lord Rothschild and the Rothschild family, Elie de, Edmon de and Baron Rothschild; W.K.  Vanderbilt and the Vanderbilt family; John Jacob Astor, his successor Waldorf and the Astor family; Averill Harriman and the Harriman family; and John D. Rockefeller and his four sons, David, Lawrence, Winthrop and Nelson. Look up these men behind the scenes. Some of them such as the MURDERED Nelson Rockefeller are familiar, but those still further in the shadows—unknown to world media outlets—are the Venetian Black (as in evil) Nobility.  The blood relations to these men are Lucifer’s warring “angels” in manifested physical form. But always you will find the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the creators of Zionism manipulating all world events.

Let us close this portion here, Jonur, and at least have Christmas dinner. Keep the Light Shield close and
remember that, as sophisticated as my “Radiant Energy” (as I label it) systems are, God’s shielding overcomes it. The Babylonian bankers of Khazar cannot touch you while in the protection of that higher lighted frequency.
Merry Christmas. Nikola to clear.

Nikola here to continue. The bankers of Khazar is where I left off, I believe. If you keep in mind the board game of “Monopoly”, with the buying and selling of property, but in real life tip the game in favor of “the bank”, you will always see things like the elite do. With you as “players” in the game, if 200 dollars were collected from you instead of given to you every time you passed ‘GO’ (taxes), the bank would win EVERY time.

And that is the way it is. All aspects of your life are played in this Monopoly fashion. You-the-people are tokens on the board that are shuffled and herded about—poisoned, blown up, shot, drugged and repeatedly robbed by the owners of the game, the bankers. They have long ago ceased even telling you that you are still even “playing” the game. It has become a life and death reality to you. This is how you can be manipulated to do these incredibly insane things like giving up your money, your homes and property and sending your sons to fight in the foreign versions of Monopoly:  Europe, Monopoly:Middle East and Monopoly:Normandy Beach Assault.

The Jewish bankers, Rothschilds in particular, as they were taught by their ancestors how to keep this live monopoly game going on in secret, they realized they had to keep the people addicted to drugs. This is why Jews are “doctors”; this keeps the knowledge of which drugs to give to the masses in Jewish hands throughout the centuries. It is beyond my understanding why you allow yourselves to be pumped full of substances from a group of people who use secret writings to communicate with each other and never tell you what they are really giving you.

The Latin and Yiddish coded writing is of secret Jewish cults (Cabals) that have been trained to control the masses of non-Jews and either keep them in a debilitating stupor or slowly poison them. All the while, the victim is also being drained of his money as well as his life. This is why a certain police fraternity called the “Vampire Killers” (Hunters) has banded together to expose the Jewish World Domination planners. They know that the Vampire-like ways of this group are bringing down America to a point from which it will never recover.

Even the Bible refers to their use of drugs to gain control of and rob the masses. Revelation 18:23: “For thy merchants (money changers/bankers) were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmacia = DRUGS) were all nations deceived!” When your brains are not functioning properly, you cannot think logically and are easily fooled. Hence the saying, “A fool and his money are easily parted.”  I, Tesla, am here to say that none of you are fools. You have been deceived by none other than Lucifer himself, and it will take God to show you the way out. But you must want it and then effort to purify your body of those poisons that have been slowly administered to you for all this time. Only then can you focus enough on your plight to see the path that leads you out of the maze.

The weapons and other technologies that are poised to give the world the light show are devices that have been around for over a hundred years. The ability to keep secret such fantastic inventions (though it is ancient technology in actuality—Earth man’s development and partial understanding is only recent) shows just how hard your adversary is trying to take this planet from you.

When we next sit to write, I will go into detail about what these secret weapons can do and who has them so you will not be fooled into thinking your cosmic brethren are attacking and invading your planet.  Knowledge IS that precious commodity that has value above all things. Its main importance is in knowing how to follow the Laws of God so that you can avoid the pitfalls and traps set for you along the journey by the evil ones.

Our input is so that you get as much knowledge as you have opportunity to soak up, and then grab the bull by the horns and do your individual jobs as best you can—and let God do the rest. Thank you, Jonur.  May knowledge and imagination fill your dream time.  Nikola to clear frequency. Good night.


Nikola to resume discussion. Thank you, Jonur, I will effort to pick up where we left off. My thrust will be in outlaying the ancient technology that was rediscovered in my day, and is now being secretly used by the Jewish bankers to enslave this planet. As I have said before, the “Radiant Energy”, as I labeled it, is what is used by the Biblical and mythological characters to do what you have come to believe is magic. The parting of the Red Sea, the Chariots of Light and Fire that could destroy entire cities was this technology now in the hands of the international banker families. They want to keep this for themselves.     

The knowledge of the secrets of Creation was given to Dr. Walter Russell and myself to give to mankind.  Humanity always grows to a point where these teachings are ready to be discovered, and it is given to those who are with the Lighted Brotherhood FIRST.  Because then it is only a matter of time before the evil workers will stumble upon it; and it would be a quick slide into oblivion as civilization—or the planet itself—was annihilated.  

So it becomes our job to introduce it to mankind in the proper sequence and to the proper governments so that humanity does not destroy itself. But always it seems man’s technological capabilities outgrow his SPIRITUAL ability to handle what he tinkers with. This is the closest God’s Hosts come to interfering in your affairs. By sending ones like myself to develop these technologies properly and guide their applications for the protection and betterment of civilization, it is hoped that the Brotherhood of Light can steer you toward a course that brings peace and prosperity.  For it must be one who—as “Jesus” did— is born as a human being who is to participate and experience among you.    

Walter Russell gave the world the secret of LIGHT.  Man has heard that God is “Light” and that all things are Light, but you had no idea what it meant. Russell gave you the correct representation of atomic structure and he completed the full chart of the elements of matter. When I say that “Russell” gave these things to you, what I should say is that the great alchemist Saint Germain, of the Hosts of Heaven, transmitted the knowledge to him. This is how it works. The Lighted Masters give unto their earthly pupil the lessons—WHEN THEY ARE READY—and then the pupilturned-master gives the teaching to the rest of the world.    

Time and sequence of events is measured by the capabilities of the human species TECHNOLOGYWISE.  For you have eternity to allow for the spiritual growth, but you only have a short time to experience that growth when your technology grows to the point that you threaten to extinct your species or split your planet like an apple. And the worst is acquiring the capability to bring the really deadly stuff—ATOMIC RADIOACTIVITY—out into space. This not acceptable. It is fine if you blow up your own earth, but the Space Brotherhood will stop you from threatening the Order Of The Universe.        

                     THE EAGLES HAVE GATHERED
When a planet such as Earth threatens the Universal Order of the cosmos, that is when you attract all the attention.  The mighty fleet of God’s Silver Craft has gathered to this corner of the universe. Over one million spacecraft—with as many as needed in reserve—are around this orb to make sure order is maintained.   

Just like in the film “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, SPACE COMMAND will not interfere with the “petty squabbles” so long as they remain confined within 250 miles above the surface of the planet. But unlike the film, the governments of the world are keeping the truth of the happening from you-the-people. And therein lies the problem. How can humanity embrace their celestial roots when an evil group of greedy Jewish Banking families are keeping the TRUTH from you?

It grows harder and harder, though: as the ships twinkle, strobe and streak back and forth across the sky (meteors drop “downward” like rain showers—thus “meteor showers”), soon it cannot just be ignored.  What the bankers ARE doing to counter Space Command’s presence is to put as many of their toys (your stolen technological legacy) up there as they can so you get the two confused. Once you understand the capability of Earth-man compared to the Space Brotherhood, you will KNOW THERE IS NO COMPARISON!

What they hope to do is use some of the shiny Northrop Discs, in conjunction with a Russian levitating space platform (cosmosphere) or two, and pretend it is God’s Hosts. And after a nice, magnificent beam-blast levels a city or an Army in the desert, the elite can pull the wool over the eyes of an entire planet. Do you now have a picture of the “feather in the cap” for the Jewish people if they can pull this off over their enemy, the Christians? It would be a total upset victory for Satanists! The Christians (and everyone else) would fall on their knees at the foot of the Anti-Christ, and the game would be over.


Learn what the hidden capabilities are that require Above Top Secret Security Meetings—even the United States President does not have the clearance.  That should tell you a lot. Biological “doubles” of the world leaders seems pretty mind boggling—but it should not in the least. Cloned meat has been on your supermarket freezer shelves for years. If you can clone cows, sheep, kittens, goats, plants, trees AND PLASTIC, HOW MUCH EASIER TO CLONE A HUMAN BEING??

You have been lied to from Lincoln’s assassination, to JFK, to “Watergate”, to “Iran Contra” and on and on—what in the world makes you think your government would not lie, through cloned lips, about DNA replication? Do not start having selective faith in what your politicians have told you now. Anyway, let us move on to the really good stuff.

As early as December 8, 1915, a New York Times story reported my invention of a super weapon with “filed patent applications on essential parts” of a device that was the equivalent to Greek mythological “Thor’s shooting thunderbolts from the sky to punish those who had angered the gods.” And just as in my day, if it is “leaked” to the public—it is already old news. The Secret Intelligence Service was just as active in my day as it is today. More so back then because everyone wanted to be like the Germans, who made an art out of it. They did some very dastardly things in the name of science and as a result were catapulted far beyond the other intelligence “cults”.

German “UFO Scientists” and “UFO Pilots” (they are called Hitler’s Last Battalion) shipped the dismantled pieces of their “Flying Hats”, and all personnel, to Germany’s fall-back territory: Antarctica. Well before the war, Hitler made preparations to control that continent and claim it as German land. That is what all those stripped German U-Boats were for (Underwater Boat-submarines) that kept turning up in South America, shocking the world—because the war was “supposed” to be over. Where were they coming from and why were they suddenly turning themselves in?

From that time onward “UFOs” were seen over first Germany, then Japan (Germany’s ally in the war).  Dark-colored, small “FOO Fighters” French pilots who talked against orders described them as, because of their resemblance to a large, flat-brimmed hat (without the baubles). American OSS (Office of Strategic Services—the CIA’s predecessor) agents took a few photos and some 16 millimeter film footage of these Foo Fighters and noted that they “floated” around like a canoe in a canal with no jet or propeller engine. The German Swastika was painted on the side.

One particular film reel captured a German Howitzer cannon attached clumsily underneath the UFO. It was very unstable and could not be fired accurately or safely. The German scientists (the ones Russia and America did not get) who built the Foo Fighters, had wind cannons, sound cannons and missiles, but what their UFO needed was a beam weapon. This was the weapon of the Star Wars/Buck Rogers era—the weapon of the future. I alone possessed the secret, and whichever nation had it would “render fruitless any military expedition against a country which possesses it. Ten thousand or a thousand miles would be all the same” to the device.

When Admiral Byrd secretly took his Naval Fleet to once and for all wipe out Hitler’s Last Battalion (the public was told it was an Antarctic “survey mission”—though no explanation was given why it was so heavily armed, especially since the war was supposed to be over), they got a big surprise. Even though the German UFOs did not have any weapons, their electromagnetic field, which allowed them to float and hover in the air and move at pretty high speeds—KILLED THE ENGINES AND ELECTRONICS OF ANY AIcraft that land in front of your car and your motor dies.

After losing aircraft and men, the Naval Fleet retreats and goes home. Byrd tells his superiors in Washington what happened (but not before telling a South American newspaper, which prints and publishes the story). And the OSS pieces the situation together and realizes that the lack of a beam weapon, or “Super Weapon”, on their UFOs is why Germans did not finish off the allies.

This is enough for my input this evening, Jonur. I will close here so this document can be on its way.  Thank you for your service, and perhaps after the day’s news/lessons we can dive right in tomorrow and move smartly along.  Nikola, in great appreciation, to clear frequency.  Good night.

Tesla here to continue, and thank you, Jonur. It is imperative that the “Super Weapon” and the direct descendents of the Jewish Banking Family be completely understood so that people understand he thrust from whence comes this evil wind. I shall effort at giving that understanding by giving you their recent history.

In actuality the conquest of the United States of America started right after its conception—and the realization that the “New World” was not just some little island in the West Indies. The more land you conquered from your Native American brothers, the more the elite Club Of Rome understood what they had to contend with. America (“Heaven on Earth”) was not just a vast mineral and agricultural resource to be plundered and raped—it was the beginning of theend of the elite’s rule over the “Old World”.

So all their know-how and cunning went to stopping this young REPUBLIC (NOT DEMOCRACY!) from coming into being. The Federal Reserve was the tool that was going to do it for them. By creating a “central bank” (something everyone was running away from in Europe) in this “Free” Nation, it would be possible to win a war with America ECONOMICALLY, even though you might not win militarily. But the real takeover started in 1917 with the loss of  America’s true ally—Czarist CHRISTIAN Russia.

Before the Russian Revolution Nicholas II, Czar of Imperial Russia (before it became Anti-God and called itself the Soviet Union), was the only friend the fledgling United States had. He made sure that England and France stayed out of the conflict while the founding fathers cemented your new Republic AND ITS CONSTITUTION in a foundation that would give you a fighting chance against Satanic Jewish domination. And for that, he and his family (though his small son miraculously escaped) were huddled into a room and slaughtered.

After that the Jews, who were called BOLSHEVIKS, went out for more blood, and murdered (“PURGED” as they put it) 100 MILLION CHRISTIAN RUSSIANS IN COLD BLOOD! I want to go back to this period because on July 4, 1917, those same Bolshevik Jews dynamited and razed my magnificent Wardenclyffe Tower and Power Plant at Shoreham, Long Island. You see, America, you had it before them all. Not only did I give you free and unlimited electrical power, but you had in the palm of your hand a weapon that made you invincible to any foe on the earth AND THREE HUNDRED MILES OUT INTO SPACE!

All “wireless” capability, such as cell phones, fax transmission, radio, television, remote control, submarines, vertical take off and landing aircraft (VTOL), missile guidance systems, electronic shields to protect an entire continent from nuclear, biological and even chemical attack—and MUCH MORE—were all given to YOU first, by me.

                    THE JEWS TOOK RUSSIA FIRST
The Russian Revolution began in March, 1917, and four months later they took America, and you did not even know it.  It happened in two punches: one, the blowing up of my Magnifying Transmitter Tower on Long Island; and two, the creation of Hollywood.  Even today, the Hollywood “Moguls” call their meetings of their biggest participants “Boardroom Bolshevism”. The word “mogul” as in “movie mogul” comes from the Jewish Mongolian heritage of Genghis Khan and his “Golden Hoard” of barbarians. The Jew knows WHO he is, and he KNOWS he is not a Semite! That is why that historian was thrown in jail in Europe for 400 days when he PROVED it!

The Jews would do it to you too, but you are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and you have freedom of speech AND freedom of the press—THIS NEWSPAPER! No one else in the world has that anymore. Any one who tries is killed, their paper taken over by the Jews, and it begins to put out propaganda—AGAINST CHRISTIANS! This is why Hollywood—totally stocked with Jews at all decision-making levels—is such a feather in their bonnet. The minds of the masses—MAINLY THE CHILDREN—can be shaped and controlled (brainwashing is the American term) to suit Jewish needs.

But back to Russia, after the murder of the Czar (Caesar) and his family (his wife and daughters) and the overthrow of the monarchy, the Bolshevik Party seized power from the Provisional Government that had replaced the monarchy. By November 1917 the Bolsheviks, who were Jewish revolutionaries, had control of the government (like they now have in America) and later changed their name to—hold your breath—“Communists”.

So you see when McCarthy was looking for “communists” in Washington and Hollywood and FBI Chief, Hoover, was looking for them in the spy world, who they really were trying to expose were Jewish subversive terrorists, who were working day and night to take over America as they had done Russia. The birth of communism is really the birth of Jewish World Domination through war, revolution and murder. Indeed, it seems these ARE the people talked about in the Bible. It is easy for me to see because when I walked with you on Earth I spoke seven firsthand experience and witnessed what the Jewish banking family did in Europe, and I watched them come over to the United States and repeat the exact same process—they did not change one single thing!  And yet, their plan still worked perfectly!

After the Bolshevik Communists (Jews) gained control of the Russian government, they wasted no time in
consolidating their power. Three years of civil war gave the Bolshevik Jews complete control of the entire country. Russia became the first country to come under Communist (Jewish) rule. The Bolsheviks viewed their revolution in Russia as only the first stage of a worldwide Communist take over. This comes from the mouths of their own leaders.

The Rothschild family pulled all the strings then and they do so today. But in the 1800s is when they made an all-out grab for power for their Communist World takeover. This is the Global Plan 2000 and here are its deep, Jewish roots.

This European family of bankers and financiers (the same ones who secretly financed the projects I built for the United States through J.P. Morgan—who was supposed to represent America—not Jewish Europeaninterests) became immensely wealthy financing both sides of wars and more so, stealing the Czar’s (Russia’s) gold! The European governments borrowed heavily from The House of Rothschild, which caused their influence and family standing to become very prominent. After all, who could say “no” to the man who lined your pockets with gold when you needed it?

The Rothschilds were among the few Jews in those days who were accepted in the highest European social circles.  How did they accomplish this feat?  Easy, they bought their way in. Every “man” has his price, and Rothschild discovered that every country also has its price. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was the founder of the “house”. The original family name of Bauer was changed (Jews frequently change their names so as to hide their Jewish roots—almost no Hollywood star has retained his or her real name) to the German name of the red shield over the door of his shop. “Rot” (Red), “Schild” (Shield)—”Rothschild”

By loaning money to princes, dukes, kings and other nobles, he became known as the bank for the royal classes.  Mayer Amschel became financial adviser to William, Prince of Hesse-Cassel, and hid the prince’s money when Napoleon occupied Germany. By playing the ultimate shell game of pitting one side against the other, it is easy to see how global monopoly became the ultimate pastime for Rothschild.  William then permitted him to use it, without interest, and through more loans both made even greater fortunes.

Rothschild established a large banking house from his little Red (Devil) Shield shop of horrors. And now, through his interest in worship of Satanism and the Jewish occult called the Kabala (as well as others), he and “The Dark Robes” set about their magic to put their spell on the world. Communism and the seeking of the secrets of the ancients were to be their tools.  But it would be the resurrection of Babylon and the evil cult of the Money Changers that would give them the gold of the world to finance their dream (our nightmare).

He placed his five sons in five branches of the, now international, House of Rothschild: Mayer Amschel, Jr., Salomon, Nathan Mayer, Carl and Jakob. By controlling the fortunes of these other locations spread out across Europe, he controlled the ruling families because he could influence foreign policy with those nations he loaned money to. We are talking huge sums of money to purchase entire armies! This is not “Park Place” or “Virginia Place” or “Boardwalk”; the Rothschild “Dynasty” PURCHASED Frankfurt, Germany; Vienna, Austria; London, England; Naples, Italy and Paris, France!

During the Napoleonic Wars, Nathan Mayer loaned the British government money, while the other brothers (through their agents) manipulated Napoleon’s funds thereby assuring that he would meet his Waterloo. This was the “check and mate” move that gained, for the Rothschild family, the whole of Old World Europe and beyond. From then on all European monarchies and governments negotiated their loans from the Rothschilds. With their newfound influence, they proceeded to crown themselves the rulers of the earth. When the Bible speaks of the “beast” with the multiple “crowns he wore”, it does not take a worldly scholar or historian to guess whose name is written on them.

All five brothers were made Barons of Austria (the country that imprisoned the man for speaking out about the Jews) in 1822. Nathan Mayer’s son, Lionel, became the first Jew to sit on the British Parliament. To show just how much power the Rothschilds have, Jews were barred from Parliament because they refused to take the oath. Jews have an oath they themselves take called the Kol Nidrei (“All vows” or the “Vow of Vows”) which means that, every year they take this oath, no other vows will be honored other than their own. The British Parliament CHANGED THE OATH FOR LIONEL ROTHSCHOLD IN 1858. You see, even parliaments have their price.

Thank you, Jonur; it is late and you need to re-charge your batteries with rest. Nikola to clear frequency.  Good night.

Nikola to pick up where we left off.  After World War II, your history books teach you that Rothschild power, wealth and influence declined and all but “died off”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Before I continue with the International Banker Cartel’s history and takeover of the Christian countries of the world, let us look at the object of their searching—the so-called “Super Weapon”. This is what the Jews were looking for since it was used during those classic Biblical confrontations that defy description today—except as mythological stories and mysticism. But I assure you that there is a scientific explanation for all phenomena in nature. It is only “mystical” because you do not yet know or understand it; therefore, it is just a mystery to you.

On April 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson persuaded Congress to declare war on Germany. The greatest minds in the United States were gathered together to use “science and technology” to help win the war. For “Science” is the last era that mankind passes through before he comes full circle and meets his Creator. The final “World War” that either saves a planet or destroys one will be an electrical one, a War of Science.

In the August 1917 issue of “The Electrical Experimenter” (Vol. V, whole No. 52, Number 4), I gave an exclusive interview to H. Winfield Secor in which I described the capability and use of the world’s first (for our current civilization) Directed Energy Weapon (D.E.W.). The Charged Particle Beam “super weapon” was an ancient machine, and mankind’s recent re-discovery of this electrical science signaled the epoch for his collective SPIRITUAL Growth.  Because if his technical achievements outdistance where he is in moral consciousness, then he is doomed to destroy himself and has failed God’s ultimate test for a “civilized” society.

The problem you face with this final test for your growth is: Will you wipe out the species of man altogether? It would be seventy years from the announcement (publication) of this new science and the end of the Great Cycle on August 17, 1987. It takes approximately that long to develop the proper use of the technology and then to see how you handle it as a society. Has mankind progressed (on the whole) spiritually enough, on a Free Will Planet, where the benefits of such unlimited power uplift him to the High Heavens; or will he unleash the greed and tyranny of his nature and be completely and totally destroyed?

Quoting from the article: “NIKOLA TESLA, one of the greatest of living electrical engineers and recipient of the seventh ‘Edison’ medal, has evolved several unique and far-reaching ideas which, if developed and practically applied, should help to partially, if not totally, solve the much discussed submarine menace and provide a means whereby the enemy’s powder and shell magazines may be exploded at a distance of several miles.

“There have been numerous stories bruited about by more or less irresponsible self-styled experts that certain American inventors, including Dr. Tesla, have invented among other things an electric ray to destroy or detect a submarine underwater at a considerable distance. Mr. Tesla very courteously granted the writer an interview, and some of his ideas on electricity’s possible role in helping to end the great world-war are herein given.”

End quote.

This is how long ago the secret military establishments have had the “Radiant Energy” or “Orgone Energy” know-how behind closed doors. The testing for the “leaders” of mankind is what they do with the new teachings: Do they give it to the world and usher in a new utopia dreamed about in ancient Greece? Or do they plot and scheme and steal it away to be used at a later time to “play god” and deceive the masses?

When we next sit to write, we will detail which path was taken. Thank you for your service, Jonur. I am in great appreciation. Nikola to clear this frequency.  Good night.

Nikola present to continue, please.  I presented my “Anti-War Machine” to my adopted home country of the United States of America because she represents the universal ideas of peace and equality, and I knew this was where God chose to place the light that was to guide the world.

What I will outlay now is the work that was accomplished in secret for the U.S. government that grew into an entire, secret subculture of men and technology that is completely kept from the public of all countries. This knowledge is not in books or papers available to the public. Nor is it on the Internet; you will not find any “secrets” on the information superhighway. The net is monitored and controlled as are all things in the 21st Century.


The area where they really flourish is behind the government doors marked “TOP SECRET” because it is here that Satan can make his plans against God unchecked and in total secrecy. This has become his den of evil, and it is here you must go to see what he is preparing.

All of my work became Top Secret—not to keep socalled enemy governments from acquiring the technology—but so it could be used against the people.

I deceased my physical body on the night of January 7, 1943, on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker—Morgan was responsible for the MURDER. The Bolshevik Khazar Jews who had taken over Russia and now called it the “Soviet Union” had also gained control over the British government. They were continually trying to get their Jewish agents in key government positions, but were still being rooted out by anti-”Communist” (which means BY DEFINITION:  “ANTI-JEWISH”) FBI and CIA patriotic elements.  It was not easy to take the United States as Freedom and Christianity were very strong in 1943. But the Bolshevik Jews were relentless—as they are today.  How many times do America and Congress have to say “no war!” for British Israel to listen?

Bolshevik agents used master keys and special, secret locksmith methods to get into my room, cabinets and safes.  The Israelis control all international lock and safe companies and can quickly open any lock or safe in the world. This is the specialty of the Jewish spy agency, the Mossad (whose motto is “Thou Shalt Make War By Way Of Deception”), which did not formally exist yet, but their tactics are as old as time itself.  I shall stand aside while you have refreshment.  Please notify me when you are available to resume.  Nikola.

Greetings, Jonur. Nikola to resume.  

The Bolshevik agents, immediately upon my murder, were in my hotel residence, the Hotel New Yorker, and set about stealing my Technical Papers and my Black Notebook that NEVER was out of my possession. The medical examiner found that poison was the cause of death, yet the coroner’s report read: “No suspicious circumstances.” The conspirators worked quickly and removed my body before anyone else arrived.
My nephew Sava Kosanovic, who knew all about the Beam Weapon and the Energy (Tesla) Shield that provides 100 percent protection to any country thusly equipped, hurried to my room early that morning.  Sava was intimately involved with my plans to see to it that America and the proper governments of Europe were provided with my Anti-war Machine. He was a member of the Yugoslav Royal Government in exile in America. As Director of the Eastern and Central European Planning Board for the Balkans, his job was to see to it that the correct boundary lines were laid for each country’s Tesla Protection Shield. As I said before, the electronic plasma “bubble” provides total defense against all forms of warfare—including thermonuclear, bacteriological and chemical—360° around AND MORE THAN 300 MILES INTO SPACE ITSELF! That is higher than the Space Shuttle in orbit.

                    MY TESTAMENT WAS STOLEN
My nephew knew (and later through Balkan, Russian and German spies it was confirmed) that the Bolsheviks hiding in the United States had orchestrated my death to steal the Anti-war Machine and all technical references and papers for it. The House of Rothschild and their international banking franchise of profiting from “world wars” were in jeopardy.   The Bolshevik Jews feel that they cannot exist in a peaceful society. If there are no conflicts, no hatred of “Jews” even, they could not live in selfimposed Ghettos to plot and scheme how to conquer the Christians, the Muslims, etc.

Within the black notebook, Sava told his assistant, Charlotte Muzar, there was important key information.  Pages were marked “Government” and “I was supposed to take possession of it if anything happened to my uncle.” He told her there should have been a testament, a will in the safe, to him. I suspected Morgan and his Bolshevik agents would try to get me out of the way, and ever since they nearly killed me with a Taxi Cab (I am reminded that I, indeed, was “taken out” that evening—and my life stream was recommenced—apparently I still had some unfinished business!) late in the evening in 1937, I told my nephew he would have to take over. We conferred frequently as preparations were made in the event of my demise—untimely or otherwise!

Sava’s assistant agreed that there was important documentation missing from the premises. After my nephew called a locksmith to open the safes, it was clearly evident to him and Charlotte that people had been there before them. She said there was a lot of talk, just before my death, about secret weapons and negotiations with the Soviet Union and my proposed meetings with President Roosevelt. As far as she was concerned, with what she had seen in the hotel suite—suddenly having access to my PRIVATE WORK ROOM—she concluded that it was very possible that a Death Ray or some sort of “secret weapon” existed.

There was also a box in the room that my nephew, Charlotte and a number of other people including Charles Hausler (my pigeon feeder) knew was missing, the contents of which was an important device that was the link that made my invention a reality—and not some nebulous, unworkable notion.  It was this device, this simple but vital concept, that opened the door to the future.

The United States was the last battleground between the Bolshevik Khazar Jews (until Christian Russian Patriots and Military Generals—in an upset move on two fronts—regained the military and the space complex from the Jewish Soviets years later) and the CIA/OSS and the FBI. These two government agencies were still driven by the American pioneer spirit of “Indian fighting” and the “Boston Tea Party”.  The concept of the Cowboy living free with pistols on the hip was the reason little boys wanted to serve “Uncle Sam” when they grew up. AND THIS WOULD BE A MAJOR PURGE AS THE BOLSHEVIK JEWS GAINED CONTROL AND KILLED THESE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, JUST AS THEY HAD MURDERED THE MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA FOLLOWING THE 1917 KREMLIN TAKEOVER.
This is how the Khazar Jew seizes power—with great, great bloodshed and earthshaking “revolution”. 9/11 was their calling card to get you into a REAL MIDDLE EAST WAR. Their evil puppet, Condoleezza Rice is in that government position so a “Black Face” can be on this final World War. This is why the so-called “London Bombers” are all “Black” Muslims with their phony bombs, of which—incredibly—NONE DETONATED!  

The few remaining FBI and CIA agents, against the Jewish Zionist takeover and occupation of America, are now a small minority and are being silenced whenever possible. But there is a tremendous amount of “light” on them from those who are speaking out, so it is harder for the Zionists to just kill them, which is why the thrust has become to use the Jewishcontrolled media to see to it no one hears their urgent warnings to you-the-people. Or if they do, it is covered with jest and ridicule so no one takes it as serious.

This is not a new strategy by the Bolshevik Jews; Pearl Harbor was SACRIFICED ON THE ALTAR WITH OVER TWO-THOUSAND SAILORS, AIRMEN AND SOLDIERS just to get you into the Second World War. On purpose! So remember, Christianity AND ISLAM [Hatonn: Muslim teaching is MOSTLY based on Christ Teachings, precious ones, which is why Arabs and Jews WILL NEVER GET ALONG OVER PALESTINE. The Jews will see to it that the whole of the Middle East is “purged” of all non-Khazars] will always be the bitter enemy of the Jews of Khazar descent. There is
a reason the House of Rothschild, through the Balfour Declaration of British Israel, created the Treaty and birthed the NEW country called Palestine—and named it ISRAEL!—so it can keep the war fires brewing FOR ALL THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. Have you never wondered why “Israel” is the cause for all the trouble spots? Everything from secret arms deals to financing terrorism—the Rothschild dictum of reaping great profits from WAR continues down through his sons today!

The Assistant Director of the New York FBI Office, Special Agent In Charge P.E. Foxworth, and his men told my nephew that his sources revealed that the Bolsheviks had acquired the “secret weapon” and the technical papers and were trying to get them out of the country. All agents were to drop what they were doing and make recovering the device their number one priority. In his FBI memorandum on January 9, 1943, two days after my death, Foxworth said, Quoting: “DURING HIS (TESLA’S) LIFETIME HE CONDUCTED MANY EXPERIMENTS IN CONNECTION WITH THE WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICAL AND [BLACKED OUT WORD(S)] WHAT IS COMMONLY CALLED THE DEATH RAY.  ACCORDING TO INFORMATION FURNISHED BY [NAME BLACKED OUT], ONE ONE THREE SIX FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY, THE NOTES AND RECORDS OF TESLA’S EXPERIMENTS AND FORMULAE TOGETHER WITH DESIGNS OF MACHINERY TO VITALIZE THEM ARE AMONG TESLA’S PERSONAL EFFECTS, AND NO STEPS HAVE BEEN TAKEN TO PRESERVE THEM OR TO KEEP THEM FROM FALLING INTO THE HANDS OF PEOPLE
End quote.

Three days later Special Agent Foxworth and his team of over thirty American Patriots—the last defense against the Bolshevik Jews’ acquisition of my Charged Particle Beam Weapon—were on their way on an urgent mission in a military transport aircraft to meet with President Roosevelt at the Casablanca Conference. The aircraft exploded in midair over the Atlantic Ocean, killing 35 in all; the Bolsheviks had won. Now the Jewish Banking Family cartel had no more obstacles to their global wars and they were in possession of “The Weapon Of The Gods”.

                          THE GENIE IN THE BOX
What everyone was looking for was a highly unique, yet very simplistic device that allowed Directed Energy Weapons (the term D.E.W. was so top secret that it was not declassified until the 1980s—the Jews wanted to have maximum psychological impact when they sprang “little grey aliens” on the world’s populace) to function. To sustain incredibly high voltages, a “gun” would need to maintain “high vacua” from a type of vacuum tube that would be evacuated of air, yet remain open to the environment because, when the highly charged subatomic particles streamed out with the force of several million volts behind them, any enclosure would be pierced. No one had found the solution to that problem, nor had anyone come up with huge mega-voltage apparatus.

What I created was a one-way barrier that was open to the atmosphere for the particle stream yet (using another one of my inventions that was undreamed of by anyone else, called a Bladeless Turbine), by directing a high-velocity air stream past the inner tip of the gun, the pressure interaction between External Static (still) and Internal Dynamic (moving) conditions creates a vacuum “tube”. Most all my other inventions went undeveloped until years after my death, but the Russians listened to me.

                               RUSSIA LISTENED
You will have to go back to your history lessons: Russia was a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY just like America [Hatonn: And so too is the Philippines—these two, along with the Indian “Nation” and the “Nation” Of Islam, will be your allies, friends—hold it in your Hearts!] BEFORE the Jewish-Communist takeover of 1917. And this is where all my important work ended up.

Morgan, the Rockefeller Cartel and the Rothschilds—ALL INTERNATIONAL JEWISH KHAZAR BANKERS (yes, even Rockefeller. Just like “Bauer” became “Rothschild” to distance themselves from known Jewish subversive links, the German Jewish family of “Roggenfeld” came to America and became “Rockefeller”. These are the ones the “White” elite are attached to so Americans will not see the Jewish ownership and control of such as Standard Oil, the big New York banks, the railroads and, through John D. Rockefeller—the U.S. government)—ARE THE BOLSHEVIKS WHO FINANCED AND ORCHESTRATED THE “SOVIET JEW” TAKEOVER AND MASSACRE OF THE RUSSIAN
PEOPLE, THEIR CZAR NICHOLAS II AND HIS FAMILY. So they owned the Kremlin and, listen well: They were going to build up the now-“Soviet Union” (USSR) militarily to take America once and for all. That is why, if you look at the big investors who first opened huge corporations after the communist Jews (Bolshevik Soviets) came to power, they are all American Defense Contractors!

What the elite conspirators did not count on was that a diehard SPIRIT of Christ-ianity had not been completely extinguished. When we next sit to write, I will discuss these Godly Russians for, by their example—but using your own “secret weapon”—you can take back and reclaim your own Christian country.  Thank you, Jonur, for your efforts. 
Nikola to clear this frequency.


For "Particle Beam weapons", see link below: 

Russian "Particle Beams & Comospheres (spacecrafts);
In 1934, The New York Times newspaper had a staggering front page story about Tesla’s Charged Particle-Beam.  It printed in big, bold letters:  “TESLA AT 78 BARES NEW DEATH-BEAM Invention Powerful Enough to Destroy 10,000 Planes 250 Miles Away, He Asserts.—DEFENSIVE WEAPON ONLY—Scientist, in Interview, Tells of Apparatus That He Says Will Kill Without Trace.”